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The Thing About Credit …

Article of the week: Mon 21 Mar 2016 - No comments

I’d alwPiggy bankays been a fan of the credit card. But a few years ago, before my banking app let me instantaneously track my spending, I found myself in a bit of a parallel universe. One where I discovered that credit might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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Property 101

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Property makes a pretty attractive investment option – it’s tangible (so you can tinker with it if you want), it can give you tax advantages and banks will often let you borrow money against it. Added to that, most of us know a little bit about it, which makes it a relatively easy type of investment to understand. Read more

Books and Magazines

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Websites, Books and more

It would be very easy to get lost in the maze of financial information that’s out there. Where exactly do you start? We’ve chosen our favourite books and magazines on a range of topics in order to help you make sense of it all and here they are … Read more

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