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Credit crunch

Monday, August 8th, 2011

Finance reporters have been having a field day lately with Aussie dollar hikes, sharemarket turmoil and now the downgrading of the US credit rating by Standard and Poor from AAA to AA+. But what exactly does that mean, and what does it mean for you?


Move over Pippa M …

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Let’s face it—when it comes to investing, property hogs the limelight. The daily news is jam-packed with market speculation and it seems there’s no escaping sparkling new renovation shows on TV. This week we wanted to uncover the Pippa Middleton of investments: the often overlooked, hot-little-sister known as shares—and in particular, index funds. (more…)

Dirty words

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

There are lots of words that are almost guaranteed to get a negative response when you use them. Try this one: sacrifice (GROAN!!). Unless you’re Mother Theresa reincarnated, you’ll know there’s nothing fun about giving up stuff you really like … especially when it comes to your hard-earned money. (more…)

Crowdfunders unite

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Move over crowdsurfing—crowdfunding is here. A bold and brilliant concept that demonstrates how small contributions can make a big difference.


Taxing little tackers

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

If you have little people in your life, looking after their financial future is no doubt high on your priority list. But beware—even something as simple as putting a little money into their savings account regularly requires forethought, particularly with recent changes to the taxation of income of children under 18.


Property smarts

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

If you’re looking to buy your first property in the next year or two, it would be easy to be feeling a little grumpy of late. According to recent reports, housing affordability has hit an all-time low in Australia. 

Sayonara Subaru

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Over vinos recently on a glorious Sunday afternoon a friend of ours dropped a bombshell. His car had been stolen and after a few decades of car ownership he had decided to pull the pin. He was not going to buy a new car. Sayonara Subaru, hello Sandringham line. (more…)

Money mindset

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Ah, credit cards. There’s no doubt they’re the bad boys on the banking block with a reputation (almost) as damaged as man-of-the-moment Charlie Sheen. But if we all know how bad credit cards are, why is it that so many of us have ‘computer says no’ moments when it comes to the plastic fantastic? (more…)

The end is nigh?

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Floods. Cyclones. Earthquakes. With the list of recent natural disasters getting longer and longer it’d be tempting to think Mother Nature is seriously cranky-pants with us.



Sunday, February 6th, 2011

If your plans for 2011 involve turning two into three, then brace yourself: that little bundle of joy is going to turn into a money-muncher. (more…)