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Investment Group

Start your own

An investment group typically meets on a regular basis to discuss the sharemarket, to pool money to buy shares together or just to talk about investing. Really it’s up to you – all you have to decide is what you want to get out of it and find some like-minded friends.

Investment groups are a fun way to share information and a good way to learn from one another. Plus, if you’re going down the track of investing money in the sharemarket for the first time you’ll probably feel a bit more confident knowing that you’re not on your own.
Investment Group

Types of groups

1) Groups that invest money together

Groups that invest money together generally contribute an initial amount of money, sometimes followed by smaller, regular amounts of money, and invest it in the sharemarket. To do this you should consider drawing up a partnership agreement and a document that outlines the ‘rules’ of your group.

Moneygirl recommends

The Australian Stock Exchange

This is a great place to start – the ASX has lots of advice about how to set up an investment group as well as a template of a partnership agreement that you can use (click on Setting it up – legal documents).


FIDO (the website of the Australian Securities and Investments Commision) also has a few tips about setting up an investment group.

The Money Club

Written by four Australian women who run their own investment group, The Money Club is a book with lots of information for people who want to start their own group. The Money Club website also has some basic information about how to start up a group.

2) Information groups

Information groups meet regularly to discuss a set topic, for example, responsible investment or building a property or share portfolio. Members can take it in turns to research a particular area of investment and give a short presentation at each meeting. Or guest speakers could be invited to talk about their area of expertise. Also think about taking it in turns to act as case-studies and talk about your own investments. Whatever you do, make it fun!!! Meet up at your favourite bar, have a few drinks and encourage one another to learn about investing…