Get Smart With Money


Who is Moneygirl?

The world of finance can seem intimidating, overwhelming and Moneygirl logo illustrationdull. But it doesn’t have to be. Moneygirl aims to show women that it’s not hard to get smart with money, all that’s needed is a desire to learn. There are countless examples of women on an average wage who’ve gone on to invest in property, shares – you name it. It’s what you do with your money that counts. Make it work for you – not the other way round!

Moneygirl is not about making money to become rich

Moneygirl is about learning to make the most of your money in order to give yourself the freedom to choose how you want to live your life, whether that be owning your own home, running your own business, managing a great share portfolio or travelling the world. And if you really get into it there’s no reason why you can’t be a property mogul, the next Warren Buffett or a great philanthropist like Dame Elisabeth Murdoch (and give all your money away)! It’s all about choice.

Moneygirl is not a financial advisory service

Moneygirl provides free information online that is relevant, easy to understand and all in the one place. We are not financial advisers and does NOT replace seeking professional financial advice.

Moneygirl is completely independent

Moneygirl is independent, impartial and will only recommend those websites or books that we have found to be the most useful. Moneygirl is not paid to promote any service or product.

Vanessa Rowsthorn and Nina DubeckiBehind Moneygirl 

Moneygirl is the brainchild of two Melbourne women, Vanessa Rowsthorn and Nina Dubecki, who hope to make the world of finance more accessible to women. Moneygirl has been featured in BRW, Money, Ethical Investor, Wealth Creator, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and CLEO magazines. Moneygirl has also featured on ABC Radio, MMM, The Age and as a columnist for the Herald Sun. Moneygirl released a book, Money Makeover (Wrightbooks) in July 2010. Contact us

The story of Moneygirl

Until she randomly picked up a book on finance, Nina believed her only chance of gaining financial freedom was if she had a wealthy partner or won the lottery. After learning more about finance she gained the confidence to become a successful investor herself and is now on the path towards financial independence.

Vanessa believed owning her own home or travelling regularly overseas was going to be difficult to achieve working in the not-for-profit industry. She didn’t want to give up the job she loved for something that paid more but might be less satisfying and so began her search to learn how to make the most of her money.

Nina and Vanessa started an investment group together with four girlfriends, meeting each month in a pub to talk money and before they knew it, more and more women wanted to join. They realised there was a need for a forum where like-minded women could learn about finance and embarked on creating as a labour-of-love in their spare time. This led to the publication of their book Money Makeover.